WELCOME! Greetings and salutations my beautiful witch! I hope you find in my shop what your soul is searching for! Blessed be!

My name is Siufer and I have been a small business owner for voer 7 years. I had an actual shop in Miami for many years... but rent is expensive and so I decided to continued selling my art to the world through etsy.
I come from a long line of withes and mediums. I chose my path through Wiccan over 15 years ago and believe in the law of attraction and bending. I guess I lean towards the Wiccan religion but at the end of the day I am eclectic because certain practices which are not wiccan come from my Espiritista family.
All of my items are or have a witchy vibe and i make 90% of it all.
Pottery, silversmithing, apothecary and herbs, sewing and leather work ect but I do occasionally carry other spiritual items which I do not make.
I make intuitive potions, soaps, spiritual cleansing baths and oils with crystals. I love to use nature to clear negative engy as well as invoke a new goal or desire into your life. I am an intuitive tarot reader, medium and herbalist. I love nature and anything involving art. I spend my days making videos, painting, pottery or just creating.

My shop is a tribute to my beautiful black bird, Spirit.. May he rest in peace knowing that he inspired me and brought so much love and inspiration into my life in more ways than a person could. He was my work buddy, constantly pecking at my fingers while I made things. He will forever be my Mystical Crow.
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