It's time to pull out your Tarot cards!

I recommend placing the following around your alar:

 1 white and 1 black candle

purple/ gold candles

Mix Marigold, Come to Me incense, Blue Corn Flower, yellow roses, rosemary and palo santo chips in a fire proof bowl and prepare to burn the herbs before you start the affirmation.

Use any point crystal to become a beacon and receiving point.

3 Tarot cards needed: (remember that if you have a different deck from the Raider Waite deck, you can find the equivalent translation of these cards and use your own deck instead. For example my go to deck is the Zen Osho Tarot. You can find below my cards translated from the Raider Waite deck)

Raider Waite translated into Zen Osho

The Star

The Magician

The Sun

 In the spell, a simple three card layout is used to make a positive a concise statement. Inspiration, talent, and creativity (the star) are channeled by the magician, resulting in success and acclaim (the sun). Considering that our son is actually a star, the individual figuratively becomes a star. If you wish she was accessories for the spells, candles, flowers, crystals and gemstones, and a cloth can be purple or Violet for inspiration and creativity, gold for shining success, or a combination of those two colors. If convenient, you may also include tools of your art or craft and the arrangement. So perform this spell, you need to use the original provi in my first blog, improvise a ritual of your own, or just proceed by laying out the cards and doing the following meditation, visualization, and affirmation.

Meditation and Visualization

Play other cards when you come to the appropriate point in a spell. First, they are the star. Visualize yourself standing on a peek of a great mountain, watching the stars which seem to be rolling about you. As you watch, UC golden silver sparks of energy flying from the stars. Next, sat down the magician. Imagine yourself as a magician, reaching out your hands, and drying to you the sparks of energy that you see. (at this point, stretcher arms and spread your fingers.) Feel the energy being John through your fingertips, your hands, your eyes, and all of the pores in your body. Now, lay down the sun. Do you have the energy which you have drawn in surging through, and creating about you a shiny golden aura. The energy field about you causes you to glow like the sun even brighter, and even more brilliant. After you have finished meditating on the cars and visualization, carefully, and with such feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation:

"I draw from the magic of the cosmos,

 and from the powers within me

 this magic that is reflected out words 

like a golden sun! And from this 

radiant magic, I, as well as others, do benefit. 

Magic, beauty, and mystery with me as 

I transmit the special magic and others see 

its value, I receive the recognition I desire. 

Thus I am able to continue to work my craft! 

So it is and so shall it be."

You may consider the spell clothes at this point, or you may close the spell as desired.